peep pixels

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Alternative forms[edit]


peep pixels (third-person singular simple present peeps pixels, present participle peeping pixels, simple past and past participle peeped pixels)

  1. (informal, photography) To scrutinize a magnified digital photograph carefully in order to make a technical assessment of resolution and image quality.
    • 2006 March 23, Jeff Varszegi, "You forgot sharpness. :)," Digital Photography Review ( (retrieved 23 June 2011):
      I'll wager if you peep pixels you'll find plenty of artifacts and other image degradation in images from your P & S.
    • 2006 Oct. 29, Cem Usakligil, "Sigma 12-24 vs EF 10-22," (retrieved 23 June 2011):
      I have then peeped pixels (I admit being guilty by doing so), looked at the sharpness, resolution, barrelling, pincushion, vignetting, you name it.
    • 2008 Jan. 29, patrickvr6, "Dope Trucks2," (retrieved 23 June 2011):
      You can peep pixels all day long and you won't find any evidence of Photoshopping.

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