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Alternative forms[edit]


From scrutiny +‎ -ize.



scrutinize (third-person singular simple present scrutinizes, present participle scrutinizing, simple past and past participle scrutinized)

  1. (transitive) To examine something with great care or detail, as to look for hidden or obscure flaws.
    to scrutinize the conduct or motives of individuals
    • 1726, John Ayliffe, Parergon Juris Canonici Anglicani: Or, A Commentary, by Way of Supplement to the Canons and Constitutions of the Church of England. [], London: [] D. Leach, and sold by John Walthoe [], →OCLC:
      whose votes they were obliged to scrutinize
    • 1879, George Washington Cable, Old Creole Days:
      Those pronounced him youngest who scrutinized his face the closest.
  2. (transitive) To audit accounts etc in order to verify them.

Related terms[edit]