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From the French peloton (little ball); compare peloton.


peleton (plural peletons)

  1. [18th Century] (obsolete, rare) A small pellet or ball.
    • 1716, Miles Davies, “Of Medals, and Writings and Writers thereupon.”, in Athenæ Britannicæ: or, A critical history of the Oxford and Cambrige writers and writings[1], page 93:
      [] who continu'd still to pelter him with Heaps and Clouds of those Historical Balls or Librarian Bullets, or Pelotes or Peletons; []
  2. [current] Misspelling of peloton.
    • 2009, January 18, “Christopher Clarey”, in Armstrong Returns to Riding With a Purpose:
      It is a tribute to the past of bicycle racing and is full of antique equipment, faded photographs and videos of sprints and peletons past.