pelt of the dog

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Alteration of hair of the dog, substituting hair with pelt, thus implying far greater quantity.


pelt of the dog ‎(uncountable)

  1. (rare, humorous, idiomatic) An immoderate, excessive quantity of alcohol drunk the morning after whilst suffering withdrawal symptoms or a hangover, which goes beyond alleviating the complaint to causing drunkenness; compare hair of the dog.
    • 1949: Philip Wylie, Opus 21: Descriptive Music for the Lower Kinsey Epoch of the Atomic Age: A Concerto for a One-Man Band, Six Arias for Soap Operas, Fugues, Anthems & Barrelhouse, page 325 (Rinehart)
      There were people — maybe two dozen — in the Knight’s Bar, for lunch, resuscitation, or the pelt of the dog that bit them. Not Yvonne, though. A bit early.