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people's (not comparable)

  1. Considered to be of, from, or in tune with the common people, rather than from a ruling elite
    • 2002 Chuck N. Baker, Ian Jackman – Flowers for Princess Diana
      The officers were seemingly not experienced in working with any of the royals, especially Diana, who was after all the people's princess.

Usage notes[edit]

This is an uncommon example of a word where the apostrophe can be placed in more than one location, yielding different meanings. The distinction drawn between people’s and peoples’ is that people’s means “of the people (as a mass)” or “of various people (as individuals)”, being synonymous with persons’, while peoples’ means “of various groups, races, nations”. Compare “the people’s bank” (a bank belonging to the populace) and “people’s actions reflect their character” (the actions of individuals ) with “oppressed peoples’ emergence into nationhood” (various groups have formed nations).