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der Reichstag mit der Inschrift „Dem deutschen Volke — the Reichstag with the inscription „To the German people“ (sense 1)


From Middle High German volc, from Old High German folc, from Proto-Germanic *fulką. Cognate with Dutch volk, English and Danish folk.


  • IPA(key): /fɔlk/
  • (file)
  • Homophone: folg (not for all speakers)


Volk n (genitive Volkes or Volks, plural Völker, diminutive Völkchen n or Völklein n)

  1. people, nation, tribe, race (group united by culture, history, descent, and/or language)
  2. people, population, citizens
  3. (possibly dated) common people, the lower classes, the working classes
  4. folk, crowd (large group of people gathered somewhere)
  5. (biology) herd, covey, swarm, colony; chiefly of insects


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