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perma- +‎ frozen


permafrozen (not comparable)

  1. permanently frozen
    • 2006, Terri Farley, Phantom Stallion #21, p. 210
      Piece of cake? her mind screeched. Piece of ten-million-year-old permafrozen glacier, maybe.
    • 2001, Graham Taylor and R.A. Eggleton, Regolith Geology and Geomorphology, p. 239
      Pingos form by the penetration of unfrozen but saturated sands to the surface through a layer of permafrozen ground.
    • 1980, Robert Auty, Companion to Russian Studies: An Introduction to Russian History, p. 11
      With the very long winter, permafrozen soil, and low evaporation, the soil is waterlogged.

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