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pertain +‎ -ment


pertainment (plural pertainments)

  1. (rare) The condition of pertaining to something; pertinence; relevance.


Excerpt: The gravitational properties of the static plane-symmetric vacuum solution of Einstein's field equations without cosmological term (Taub's solution, for brevity) are presented: some already known properties (geodesics, weak field limit and pertainment to the Schwarzschild family of spacetimes) are reviewed in a physically much more transparent way, as well as new results about its asymptotic structure, possible matchings and nature of the source are furnished. (Source: gr-qc/9608058 (August 1996) Taub's plane-symmetric vacuum pacetime revisited M. L. Bedran, M. O. Calvao, I. Damiao Soares and F. M. Paiva Received. 23 August 1996 Last updated. 23 August 1996)