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From Hebrew פֵּשֶׁר ‎(pēšer, interpretation, solution). Popularized after the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947.



pesher ‎(plural pesharim)

  1. An interpretive commentary on scripture, especially one in Hebrew.
    • 1994, Robert P. Gordon, Studies in the Targum to the Twelve Prophets, from Nahum to Malachi, page 83
      Of all the Dead Sea texts it is the Habakkuk pesher (1QpHab) that, by common consent, exhibits the most impressive agreements with a Targum text.
    • 2001, Graham Harvey, The True Israel: Uses of the names Jew, Hebrew, and Israel in Ancient Jewish and Early Christian Literature, page 33
      The Pesher on Zephaniah (1Q15)45 interprets Zeph 1:18 and 2:2 as referring to "all the inhabitants of the Land of Judah" (i.5).
    • 2003, Geert Wouter Lorein, The Antichrist theme in the Intertestamental Period, pages 196-197
      According to the suggested interpretation he sinned horribly; his victims were 'only' Pharisees, but the author of the pesher does think that he went too far in his tyrannical actions.