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phono- +‎ -phobia


phonophobia (usually uncountable, plural phonophobias)

  1. An unusual fear of sound, especially of speaking aloud or of one's own voice.
    • 2003 Buck Wolf Wolf Files: Celebrity Phobias ABC News
      The 50-year-old Gest claims he's in constant pain from beatings during the 15-month marriage. The show business producer claims to be taking 11 different medications a day, some more than once, for headaches, nausea, hypertension, scalp tenderness, insomnia — and phonophobia. Phonophobia? Minnelli might assume that must be Gest's fear of being phony. After all, she denies all the allegations of violence. However, phonophobia is the fear of using a telephone and, especially, the fear of the sound of your own voice.