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pigment +‎ -ation


pigmentation (countable and uncountable, plural pigmentations)

  1. Coloration of human, plant or animal tissue, especially by pigment.
    • 1855, Carl Wedl, Rudiments of Pathological Histology:
      It may hence be assumed that this apparently capillary pigmentation should be ascribed merely to an accumulation of pigment-molecules towards one side of the hepatic cells.
    • 1858, Rudolf Virchow, “The Pathology of Miners' Lung”, in Edinburgh Medical Journal, volume 4, page 205:
      The neoplasm which, since the time of Laennec, is known by the designation Melanosis, is to be carefully distinguished from this pigmentation of the ordinary structures of the lung, which has been designated Anthracosis.
    • 2009, Miranda A. Farage, Textbook of Aging Skin, page 503:
      In order to help understand the pigmentary changes which occur throughout the aging process and in the management of aging skin, it is necessary to examine how pigmentation varies among different ethnicities.

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pigmentation f (plural pigmentations)

  1. pigmentation

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