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pirk (plural pirks)

  1. (fishing) A type of fishing lure consisting of a metal bar with a treble hook attached.
    • 1987, Keith Gardner, The Complete Book of Fishing: A Guide to Freshwater, Saltwater & Big-game Fishing:
      The pirk or diamond jig is an equally basic lure which can be extremely good for cod and pollack, and when baited for ling and halibut. Pirk baits are an updated version of the scraped lead lures used by Grand Banks cod fishermen, though most commercially made pirk style baits now originate in Scandinavia. The pirk is basically a single piece of chromed metal fitted with a large treble hook.
    • 2003, John Bailey, Where to Sea Fish in Britain and Ireland:
      If you fancy lure fishing, which is truly sporting and great fun, you'll need a variety of spoons, spinners, plugs, pirks and jelly lures.
    • 2013, Jim Whippy, Sea Fishing: Expert Tips and Techniques for Yachtsmen, Motorboaters and Sea Anglers:
      A pirk is basically a shiny metal bar with a treble hook attached. It is lowered to the bottom and worked by lifting the rod up and down in big sweeps as the boat drifts over a wreck. This movement, close to the bottom, looks and sounds like a small fish darting about.