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Alternative forms[edit]


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piss-poor (comparative more piss-poor, superlative most piss-poor)

  1. (mildly vulgar, slang) Reflecting a low standard of workmanship or achievement; very inferior.
    • 1971, Barry Lessin, "Lion netters revive with aid of Cathrall," Penn State Daily Collegian (US), 12 May., p. 4 (retrieved 2 Apr. 2009):
      The tennis squad will taking a seven-match winning streak to Lehigh this afternoon. It is concerned with Lehigh? Fourth-seeded Doug Pollock answered this in two words, "They stink!" He described them further: "As a matter of fact, they have been piss-poor for several years now."
    • 2009, Lee Greenberg, "Harmonized tax sparks confusion and anger in Ontario," Ottawa Citizen (Canada), 1 Apr. (retrieved 2 Apr. 2009):
      Rod Pritchard, who owns a farm equipment business in Eastern Ontario, says the Liberal government has done a “piss poor” job explaining the harmonized tax.