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piss-up (plural piss-ups)

  1. (Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, vulgar, slang) A party where people consume alcohol.
    • 1950, Jocelyn Greene, The Goose Cathedral, The Bodley Head, p 14:
      . . . passed: all bullshitted up for the pictures or a piss-up in the town.
    • 2005, Tim Worstall, 2005: Dispatches from the Blogosphere, The Friday Project, p 228:
      Last night a bunch of them turned out to a pub near Edgeware [sic] Road tube (where a few of them had helped treat the injured on the 7th), and we had a good old-fashioned piss-up courtesy of Europhobia's generous readers.
    • 2010, Ben Elton, Meltdown, page 202,
      Therefore with the blessing of Lizzie (herself too upset to attend) Rupert had arranged a sort of pre-wake piss-up in the function room of his London club with a malt whisky tasting, several real ales on tap and a takeaway curry delivered.

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