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From pixie, with ending as in titillated.


pixilated (comparative more pixilated, superlative most pixilated)

  1. behaving in an eccentric manner, as though led by pixies.
    • 1936 April 12, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town:
      Jane Faulkner: They think he's pixilated.
      Amy Faulkner: Oh, yes. Pixilated. []
      Board member: Perhaps I can explain, your honor. The word "pixilated" is an early American expression derived from the word "pixies", meaning elves. They would say the pixies had got him. As we nowadays would say, a man is "barmy".
  2. whimsical
  3. drunk
    • 1960, Maxwell, Gavin, Ring of Bright Water, London: Longmans, OL 5811721M, page 5:
      The melancholy beauty of Strachur and Inveraray was for me complicated by the agonies of first love; I was well and truly pixilated, and I soaked myself in the works of Niel Munroe and Maurice Walsh...

Usage notes[edit]