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From place +‎ -able.


placeable (comparative more placeable, superlative most placeable)

  1. Capable of being placed.


placeable (plural placeables)

  1. (business) A jobseeker who is considered by an employment agency to be suitable for placement, but not employment, with a client company.
    • 1974, Studs Terkel, Working[1], →ISBN, page 423:
      I worked for an employment agency, doing placements. They divided the girls into placeables and unplaceables.
  2. (translation studies) In computer-aided translation, an element, such as a symbol or numeral, that is the same in both source and target segments and can therefore be copied directly from one into the other.
  3. (linguistic morphology) Something which is conventionally associated with a specific place; for example, blinds go on windows, carpets go on floors.

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