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Etymology 1[edit]

place +‎ -ful


placeful (not comparable)

  1. Forming a well-defined place; acting as an identifiable location.
    • 1996, SCW: Proceedings of the Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, page 81:
      This type of system is characteristic of the placeful extreme on the spatiality scale. This is because there is a place - the conference - in which the participants agree they are, in some sense, present.
    • 2017, Jason Monios, Gordon Wilmsmeier, Maritime Mobilities:
      Considering the sea as placeful allows going beyond substantialism in the analysis of mobilities. Indeed, rather than a product of the interactions between existing fixed entities (such as ship, sailors, goods), the placeful sea is itself an entity produced or performed by the continuous interactions of actors, nature and ideas and is therefore continuously defined and redefined (relationalism).
  2. Focused on a location and its properties.
    • 1975, Historical Geography Newsletter - Volume 5, page 10:
      The Society sponsored Haus and Garten tours, Oktoberfest activities, "oompah" band parades, and a variety of "placeful" activities.
    • 1989, Philip Dearden, Barry Sadler, Landscape Evaluation: Approaches and Applications, page 67:
      Traditionally, literary geographers have emphasized the importance of the regional novel's sensitive evocation of place, and we have been inundated by studies of such placeful novelists as Thomas Hardy, Mary Webb, Arnold Bennett, Francis Brett Young, William Faulkner, D.H. Lawrence, and Willa Cather.
    • 1990, Barbara Johnstone, Stories, Community, and Place: Narratives from Middle America:
      But the placeful quality of the stories has to do with something more significant than the fact that my interest in them has been more geographical than historical.
    • 2018, Francesca Ciancimino Howell, Food, Festival and Religion: Materiality and Place in Italy:
      There is, as Casey observed, a sensuousness to living intertwined with place and allowing ourselves to sense place in an embodied way: 'Not only is the sensuous senseful, it is also placeful' (Casey 1996: 19).
    • 2019, Munamato Chemhuru, African Environmental Ethics: A Critical Reader, page 160:
      The discourse of the placeless ocean and the consequences of this for maritime ecosystems and their conservation is a useful way of conceptualising how African Environmental Ethics could be understood in a 'placeful' way and so and its capacity to provide new and dynamic ways of engaging with environmental thinking as a whole.
  3. Characteristic of a specific locality;
    • 1980, Indian Science Abstracts - Volume 16, page 867:
      The structure is shaped to mingle in unison with the placeful environment of a theological seminary.
    • 1994, Larry Ford, Cities and buildings: skyscrapers, skid rows, and suburbs, page 3:
      Cultural values other than "the most space per dollar" have come to the fore as rare, historic, or otherwise "placeful" architectural contexts attract attention.
    • 2007, Lucas Adam Griffith, Meanings of Farmers' Markets, page 24:
      The placeful qualities of each market contribute to the identity of regional landscape and the individual.

Etymology 2[edit]

place +‎ -ful


placeful (plural placefuls)

  1. The quantity that a place contains.
    • 1898, Nikolaus Delius, Shakespere's werke - Volume 2:
      it was one of the porches about the theatre, in the which there was a certain placeful of seats for men to sit in.
    • 1930, Will James, Lone cowboy: my life story, page 299:
      I'd struck a kind of a queer outfit, a placeful of "home-guards" (fellers that'd never been out of that county, pets), and any stranger that drifted in was bound to get it in the neck while there
    • 1961, Alison Adburgham, A Punch History of Manners and Modes: 1841-1940, page 137:
      But in the whole placeful there's little that's graceful
    • 1982, Kate Millett, Going to Iran, page 32:
      ...into studios, always a new floor to lay in the little barn, always work and a whole placeful of people needing me to be there.
    • 2005, Richard Dunn, Ingrid Mössinger, Anne Marie Freybourg, Richard Dunn: Manifold - Paintings and Photography, page 28:
      In the metaphor of the labyrinth as a placeful Of dangers Dunn Consciously shows the limits of the dream of the pure painting.
    • 2010, Graziella Leyla Ciagà, Maria Teresa Feraboli, Luigi Ferrario, page 216:
      The third restoration project in the Medina of Marrakesh, a placeful of evocative, unique corners, partly...