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planet-ruler (plural planet-rulers)

  1. (now chiefly historical) A white witch.
    • 1855, Edwin Waugh, Sketches of Lancashire Life and Localities, page 25:
      There is a little fold, called ‘Prickshaw,’ in this township of Spotland, which fold was the home of a notable country astrologer, in Tim Bobbin's time, called ‘Prickshaw Witch.’ Tim tells a humourous[sic] story in his works, about an adventure he had with this Prickshaw planet-ruler, at the old Angel Inn, in Rochdale.
    • 1971, Keith Thomas, Religion and the Decline of Magic, Folio Society 2012, page 614:
      In the late nineteenth century white witches were still sometimes known as ‘planet-rulers’.
    • 2005, Owen Davies, Murder, Magic, Madness, page 35:
      Other ‘planet rulers’, who may or may not have extended their services beyond astrology and herbalism were James Trenham and Alfred Broughton.