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planet +‎ -less


planetless (not comparable)

  1. Without planets.
    • 1818, Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Revolt of Islam:
      A shoreless sea, a sky sunless and planetless.
    • 1860, Alexander von Humboldt, Cosmos: A Sketch of a Physical Description of the Universe:
      The circumstance which, on the occasion of the discovery of Ceres, and the other so-called small planets, first forcibly recalled to mind Kepler's Pythagorean arguments, was his almost forgotten conjecture as to the probable existence of a yet unseen planet in the great planetless chasm between Mars and Jupiter.
  2. (science fiction) Having no home planet.
    • 1961, Galaxy Magazine - Volume 20, Issues 1-6, page 163:
      And I am not going to gamble half our resources on as crazy an effort as this, masterminded by a mouthful of planetless lunatics.
    • 1998, Dana Stabenow, Killing Grounds, →ISBN, page 222:
      He cleared his throat and began the tale of the planetless boy, and Kate listened, drowsy, drifting.
    • 2006, Marvin Kaye, Forbidden planets, →ISBN, page 269:
      Umlari, others called them. Or spacefolk. Or those planetless freaks. Living in their great stations, orbiting unwanted stars, the People cared nothing for names.