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plastic surgery (countable and uncountable, plural plastic surgeries)

  1. Surgery to repair body parts, especially involving the transfer of tissue.
  2. Cosmetic surgery for appearance.
    • 2018 January 25, Amelia Gentleman, “Men-only clubs and menace: how the establishment maintains male power”, in the Guardian[1]:
      There was no tedious self-righteousness on the night of the gala event. The charity auction invited bids for a night out at the Windmill Club (a lapdancing venue in Soho) and a course of plastic surgery, offered as an opportunity to “Add spice to your wife”

Usage notes[edit]

Formally, plastic surgery includes some types of reconstructive surgery and hand surgery, but in common use is it generally used to mean cosmetic surgery, with some pejorative connotations due to associations of plastic (synthetic, artificial).

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