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polygonal +‎ -ity


polygonality (usually uncountable, plural polygonalities)

  1. (mathematics) The state of being a polygon, the degree to which an object is polygonal.
    • 1985, A. C. Ferro und M. A. Fortes, “A new family of trivalent space-filling parallelohedra”, in Zeitschrift für Kristallographie, volume 173:
      As the number of faces increases, the space-fillers contact more distant neighbours, the polygonalities of the faces of contact decreasing as the order of the neighbours increases.
    • M. Glouberman (1986) Descartes: The Probable and the Certain, →ISBN, page 213: “Conversely, (b) the condition of polygonality is a part of each of the conditions of triangularity, quadrilaterality, etc., and hence the latter are more than the term which collects them: the collecting term is, in other words, less than the terms it collects.”
    • 2010, T. Öhman et al, “Polygonal impact craters in the Solar System: Observations and implications”, in Large Meteorite Impacts and Planetary Evolution IV, →ISBN, page 52:
      The common feature of these and earlier was that the polygonality was regarded as an indication of nonimpact, or even non-explosive origin.