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polygon +‎ -hood


polygonhood (uncountable)

  1. (mathematics, rare) The state of being a polygon.
    • Richard R. Brockhaus (1991) Pulling up the ladder: the metaphysical roots of Wittgenstein's Tractatus, →ISBN, page 195: “However, the circle lacks an essential property of polygonhood, namely having angles, and thus as a convenient fiction we refer to it as a degenerate case of a polygon.”
    • W.S. Anglin (1997) The Philosophy of Mathematics: the Invisible Art, →ISBN, page 11: “None the less, for any natural number n > 3, there is a form of n-hood, and a form of n-sided polygon-hood. For example, when n = 4, we have the form of fourness and the form of squareness.”
    • Stephen Yablo (2008) Thoughts: Papers on mind, meaning and modality, →ISBN, page 267: “To the absolutionist, this can only mean that as n decreases, the property of n-sided regular polygonhood puts stronger and stronger demands on those would seek to know it.”