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Alternative forms[edit]


From pom +‎ -ie (diminutive suffix). Australian from 1912.



pommie (plural pommies)

  1. (colloquial, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) An English immigrant; a pom.
    • 1953, Nevil Shute, In the Wet, 2010, unnumbered page,
      “It′ll be a long time before I do that,” the pilot said grimly. “She′s my Queen as well as yours, you know. I′m not a bloody Pommie.” [] “Too right, it′s difficult,” the Australian said. And then he added, “All Pommies aren′t bloody. I used that as a kind of figure of speech.”
    • 2005, Craig Zerf, Plob, page 234,
      A Pommie. They were sending him to England to work with a Pommie. After all that he had done for this country they were shipping him off to a cold, rain-infested, windy little isle to work a case with a Pommie.
    • 2011, Ali Lewis, Everybody Jam, unnumbered page,
      There are a lot of Pommies in Australia; travelling round, looking for work, and Dad reckoned you could pay them peanuts. [] If Sissy couldn′t go back to school, I thought she should help out more, then we wouldn′t have to hire a Pommie house girl.


pommie (not comparable)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, sometimes pejorative) English; British.
    • See citations at pommy.

Related terms[edit]