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The porrect jaws of some male beetles are used in competition for mates


From Latin porrectus, past participle of porrigō (stretch out)



porrect (comparative more porrect, superlative most porrect)

  1. (entomology, botany) stretched out or forward
    The palpi of moths in the genus Thumatha are porrect and slender.


porrect (third-person singular simple present porrects, present participle porrecting, simple past and past participle porrected)

  1. To stretch out or forward.
  2. (law) To proffer (a document) for inspection.
    • 1824, Thomas Poynter, A Concise View of the Doctrine and Practice of the Ecclesiastical Courts in Doctors' Commons
      The Court said, it was a general rule, that the Wife's Proctor, at this stage of the cause, was at liberty to porrect his Bill of Costs, as against the Husband.

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