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Alternative forms[edit]


From port +‎ pass. Compare passport.


portpass (plural portpasses)

  1. A document or documentation allowing for legal entry into another land; a passport.
    • 2009, Jody Wallace, Survival of the Fairest:
      “Is this enough?” The man frowned as he inspected the coin. “We don't take foreign money. You got traveler's checks?” “I have a portpass.” Tali flashed the small document that claimed Miss Smith was in this country legally.
  2. Anything allowing for entry into or through a port.
    • 2006, Torin Monahan, Surveillance and security:
      The fingerprints are used for a quick background check with the FBI's IAFIS database, and the photograph and hand geometry are stored on a personalized smartcard, the “portpass.”