prairie nigger

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From prairie, the chief habitat of Native American peoples of the Great Plains, and nigger.


prairie nigger (plural prairie niggers)

  1. (ethnic slur, derogatory, slang) A Native American person, especially one from the nations native to Great Plains, such as the Apache, Sioux, Pawnee and Crow.
    • 1994, Louise Erdrich, The Bingo Palace, HarperCollinsPublishers (1994), →ISBN, page 71:
      As I turn away with my purchase, I hear him mutter something and I stop. I thought I heard it, but I wasn't sure I heard it. Prairie nigger.
    • 2004, Johnny D. Boggs, Spark on the Prairie, Thorndike Press (2004), →ISBN, page 293:
      "I know he's a damned Kiowa, mister, and that's all I have to know about that prairie nigger."
    • 2011, James Robb, Corona Rapture, iUniverse (2011), →ISBN, page 53:
      [] I don't have to listen to some prairie nigger whine about ethics. Go drink it out on a reservation," Amanda said, breaking for the stairs.
      "I'm Sicilian," Luca corrected.
      "I don't care what tribe you're from!" []
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:prairie nigger.


  • (ethnic slur for Native American person): red nigger,

redskin, timber nigger, timber nigger