timber nigger

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From timber, presumably a reference to the stereotypical forest habitat of the Ojibwe people, and nigger. Arose in Wisconsin in the late 1980s during public outcry and protest from outdoor enthusiasts over the Ojibwe exercising the right to spearfish in non-reservation lakes granted to them by treaties.[1][2][3]


timber nigger (plural timber niggers)

  1. (ethnic slur, derogatory, slang) A Native American person, especially one of Ojibwe descent.
    • 2004, Mary Relindes Ellis, The Turtle Warrior, Penguin Books (2005), →ISBN, page 161:
      Or like his neighbor Morriseau, who probably got a government subsidy because he was a timber nigger.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:timber nigger.


red nigger, redskin, tree nigger


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