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pre- +‎ mix


premix (countable and uncountable, plural premixes)

  1. A blend of components that has been mixed in advance of use or of further processing.
    • 1994, G. Bickley Remmey, Firing Ceramics, page 120,
      High velocity premix systems — high velocity premix burner systems have been popular with some European kiln builders due to the fact that they are more fuel efficient than most other systems.
    • 2005, Robin Beauchamp, Designing Sound for Animation, page 143,
      As the postproduction phase nears completion, elements (units) are mixed-down to premixes (predub). Premixes are developed independently for each of the stems.
    • 2005, Hilary Wyatt, Tim Amyes, Audio Post Production For Television And Film, page 238,
      Premixes can be divided down into groups such as dialogue, effects and music, or even further, into premixes of spot effects, foley effects, atmosphere effects, etc.
    • 2006, M. J. McPherson, S. G. Møller, PCR, 2nd Edition, Taylor & Francis, page 80,
      Where possible you should prepare a premix containing the common reactants for all the PCRs you are setting up.
    • 2007, John Purcell, Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures: A Guide to the Invisible Art, page 311,
      In comparison, dialogue editors have it pretty easy. Still, like the gymnast, for the past few weeks you′ve been preparing for one brief, intense experience: the dialogue premix.
    • 2008, Robert Blair, Nutrition and Feeding of Organic Poultry, page 223,
      When vitamins and minerals are combined in a single premix, it should be used within 30 days of purchase. Vitamin and trace mineral premixes should be stored in the dark in dry sealed containers.
  2. (Australia, informal) A manufactured beverage consisting of alcohol and soft drink, milk or other non-alcoholic drinks; an alcopop.
    • 2006 September 26, Spot, “What does UDL stand for?”, in, Usenet:
      Within months, the first range of UDL[United Distillers Limited] premixes hit the shelves and the rest, as they say, is history. For over 40 years, Aussies have been sipping UDLs, and they're now as much a part of the Australian tradition as backyard cricket and throwin' a prawn on the barbie.
    • 2008 April 29, DM, “Health Minister blames Coalition policies for teenage binge drinking”, in aus.politics, Usenet:
      Around 2001 or 2002 I did a marketing assignment for Uni and chose a premix alcoholic beverage as my product. I got over 95% for the assignment, but it came back with rather a lot of red pen that pointed out how unethical it was to target underage females in this way, particularly as I provided research material that showed these premixes were a gateway to high lifelong use of alcohol.
    • 2008 April 29, Typhoid, “New tax on alcopops”, in, Usenet:
      The premixes are  a nice starter before a night out.  I go the 2.1 standard drinks per can as there is more buzz less fizz.


  • (blend of components prepared before use):
  • (manufactured mixed beverage containing alcohol and soft drink): alcopop, RTD

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premix (third-person singular simple present premixes, present participle premixing, simple past and past participle premixed)

  1. To blend in advance.
    • 2003, Peter R. Hornsby, Roger N. Rothon (editor), Chapter 5: Compound Preparation, Mixture Characterisation and Process Enhancement of Particulate-Filled Polymer Compounds, Particulate-Filled Polymer Composites, page 220,
      During premixing, the components are randomly interspersed with each other and levels of developed shear are generally low.
    • 2005, Tom Holland, The 12-week Triathlete: Train For A Triathlon In Just Three Months, page 178,
      My current strategy is that I premix two PowerGels in each Fuel Belt bottle and drink half the bottle (one PowerGel) every half hour during the Ironman run.
    • 2010, Stanley R. Alten, Audio in Media, page 482,
      The rerecording mix is the final stage in postproduction, when the premixed tracks or stems—dialogue, music, and sound effects—are combined into stereo and surround sound and sent to the edit master.