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pre- +‎ pontine


prepontine (not comparable)

  1. (anatomy) anterior to the pons
    • 2015, Abhishek Jha et al., “Trigeminal hypoplasia due to vertebrobasilar dolichoectasia: A new entity”, in Journal of Pediatric Neurosciences[1], volume 10, →DOI:
      Being congenital in nature, the pathology was deduced to be nerve hypoplasia rather than nerve atrophy. (a) Sagittal and (b) Coronal T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging showing ectatic aberrant left vertebral artery in the prepontine cistern (a) Axial T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging image showing anomalous course of the left vertebral artery, with compression and flattening of the left inferior olivary nucleus (black arrow).