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pre- +‎ seed



preseed (third-person singular simple present preseeds, present participle preseeding, simple past and past participle preseeded)

  1. To seed in advance.
    • 1974, Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, United States, Senate, Congress, Weather Modification Grants: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Agricultural ..., page 53
    • [] I loaned them the valve that they used to seed the clouds or preseed them with liquid nitrate solution []
    • 1982, Francis R. Pettit, Post-Digital Electronics, Page 146
      Also included in the menu is the possibility to preseed the entire LSE matrix to any desired level, thus providing a base for many classes of experiment.
    • 1986, Andrew David Cliff, Peter Haggett, J. K. Ord, Spatial Aspects of Influenza Epidemics, page 18
      Under this scheme, an outbreak of influenza in one year would preseed the population to give a pattern of latent infectives from which a subsequent outbreak would arise in a later year.
    • 1998, Joyce D. Wilkerson, Clownfishes: A Guide to Their Captive Care, Breeding & Natural History, page 93
      If you haven't been able to preseed the filter with bacteria from another aquarium []
    • 2003, Peter E. Vaillancourt, E. Coli Gene Expression Protocols, page 245
      Preseed plates by spreading approximately 108 phage each of λKH54 and λKH54h80.


preseed (plural preseeds)

  1. (biotechnology) A medium specially prepared for a seeding operation.
    • 1988, Roman Saliwanchik, Protecting Biotechnology Inventions: A Guide for Scientists, page 157
      The preseed is then transferred aseptically to 20-liter seed tanks [....]
    • 1990, DE Steinmeyer, ML Shuler, "Continuous operation of a pressure-cycled membrane bioreactor", Biotechnology Progress
      The preseed was incubated with mild agitation at 30 "C for 24 h.


preseed (comparative more preseed, superlative most preseed)

  1. Before a seeding or seed stage of development.
    • 1972, John Gliedman Terror from the Sky: North Viet-Nam's Dikes and the U. S. Bombing, page 71
      Increases in one experiment ranged from 10 to 200 times the preseed rainfall from the individual clouds, [....]
    • 2006, Elliott C. Kulakowski, Lynne U. Chronister Research Administration and Management, page 799
      There are many traditional sources of funding, but for new spin-off company creation, gaining access to early stage (angel, preseed, and seed) [...]
    • 2007, Sylvie Doublié, Macromolecular Crystallography Protocols, page 31
      The totality of the preseed culture is added into the final culture composed of the same medium.