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Alternative spellings[edit]


pre- +‎ selection


preselection (countable and uncountable, plural preselections)

  1. (politics) The process by which a candidate for public office is selected, usually by a political party
    • 2009 February 17, Malcolm Farr and AAP, “Former Opposition leader Brendan Nelson to quit politics”, in Herald Sun[1]:
      The preselection in Mr Costello's Victorian seat of Higgins will start in April, when he will have to reveal whether he will stand for another term.
  2. (chiefly sciences) Selection in advance
    • 2001 March 9, Christian M. T. Spahn et al., “Hepatitis C Virus IRES RNA-Induced Changes in the Conformation of the 40S Ribosomal Subunit”, in Science[2], volume 291, number 5510, DOI:10.1126/science.1058409, pages 1959-1962:
      After automated particle preselection, manual verification, and selection by cross-correlation, 18,801 particles were chosen for the vacant 40S subunit, 20,939 particles for the IRES-40S complex, and 13,613 particles for the IRES dII-40S complex.
  3. (evolutionary theory) The preference for a mate found attractive by other members of one's sex.

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