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Clipping of pre-prototype, from pre- +‎ prototype, patterned after prototype.



pretotype (plural pretotypes)

  1. (neologism) A model of product using the smallest possible amount of resources.
    • 2013, Bob Sullivan, The Plateau Effect: Getting from Stuck to Success:
      If, however, you built something inexpensive—a pretotype, in Savoia's parlance—and proved viability, there was still a lot of money on the table.
    • 2014, Austina De Bonte, Drew Fletcher, Scenario-Focused Engineering: A toolbox for innovation and customer-centricity:
      Whether you call them pretotypes or rapid prototypes, the goal is the same: low-cost ways of making sure that you are solving a real problem and that your solution is the right one.
    • 2015, Ajay Das, An Introduction to Operations Management: The Joy of Operations, →ISBN:
      ILI's provide feedback used to create improved iterative versions of the pretotype for repeated testing.
    • 2016, Michael H. Morris & ‎Eric Liguori, Annals of Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy, →ISBN:
      In the earliest stages, this could take the form of a sketch or simple cardboard pretotype.
    • 2017, David Robertson, The Power of Little Ideas: A Low-Risk, High-Reward Approach to Innovation:
      A pretotype, on the other hand, comes much earlier in the development process, before a decision to proceed has been made.


proof of concept


pretotype (third-person singular simple present pretotypes, present participle pretotyping, simple past and past participle pretotyped)

  1. (neologism) To make a pretotype.
    • 2011, Alberto Savoia, Pretotype It: Make sure you are building the right it before you build it right, page 19:
      They were sending me examples of their pretotypes, asking me for suggestions on how to pretotype their ideas and were even lobbying with their colleqgues and managers to pretotype ideas before building them.
    • 2014 April 20, James Green, “Should You Leave a Stable Job to Start Your Own Company?,”, in Mashable Australia:
      Most, if not all, ideas can be prototyped (or pretotyped),
    • 2016, Tim Vang, From Holy Grail to structured fail:
      An inert mockup can be used to pretotype just about any kind of carry-with-you device – would you/other people put up with having such a thing in your pocket/purse/handbag, all day long?