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  1. present participle of prig


prigging (plural priggings)

  1. (obsolete, slang) stolen goods
    • 1837, The Fate of Percy (in The Knickerbacker, Or, New-York Monthly Magazine, volume 9, page 453)
      The minister of state and I alike for booty ax,
      Only I confess its priggings, v'ile he calls his swag a tax.
    • 1847, ‎The Golden Farmer (in The Minor Drama: A Collection of the Most Popular Spring Comedies, Vaudevilles, Burlettas, Travesties, Etc, volume 1)
      Vhy[sic], if I an't changed the coats without taking the priggings out ov my pocket, and have let him valk off vith all the plunder []