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prison +‎ guard


prisonguard (plural prisonguards)

  1. Alternative form of prison guard
    • 1997, Gary Indiana, Resentment: a comedy, page 170
      And Tietelbaum has been bought and sold so many times by the dark Republican powers that be, look at the prisonguard beating trial and the Ventura County sewer fiasco.
    • Marc Ian Barasc, The Compassionate Life, link
      The Telfaire prisonguard towers rise miragelike in the swampy sunlight like giant mushroom caps on grey concrete stalks.
    • Arctos, Volumnes 21-23, page 29
      During his services as a praetorian, Caesium Verus was twice promoted, first to tubicen (trumpeter), then to optio carceris (camp prisonguard): ordinatus tubicem item optio at carcarem factus est.