prison guard

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Alternative forms[edit]


prison +‎ guard


prison guard (plural prison guards)

  1. (law enforcement) An armed person working to provide order, security, discipline, punishment, and prevent escapes of prisoners in a jail that answers to a warden.
    • 1997, Indiana, Gary, Resentment: A comedy[1], New York: Anchor Books, published 1998, →ISBN, OL 7440418M, page 170:
      And Tietelbaum has been bought and sold so many times by the dark Republican powers that be, look at the prisonguard beating trial and the Ventura County sewer fiasco.
    • 1987, Arctos: Acta philologica fennica[2], page 29:
      During his services as a praetorian, Caesium Verus was twice promoted, first to tubicen (trumpeter), then to optio carceris (camp prisonguard): ordinatus tubicem item optio at carcarem factus est.
    • 2011, Barasc, Marc Ian, The Compassionate Life: Walking the Path of Kindness[3], San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler, →ISBN:
      The Telfaire Prisonguard towers rise miragelike in the swampy sunlight like giant mushroom caps on grey concrete stalks.