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procedural +‎ -ly


procedurally (not comparable)

  1. (manner) According to a procedure; following a procedure.
    • 1991, David Hackett Souter, Ford v. Georgia: Opinion of the Court,
      The Supreme Court of Georgia held petitioner's equal protection claim procedurally barred as untimely under Georgia law, and we are now called upon to review the adequacy of the State's procedural rule to bar consideration of the constitutional issue raised. We reverse.
  2. (manner) In a manner that is concerned with procedure.
    • 2010, Kostadin Kratchanov, et al., Non-procedural Implementation of Local Heuristic Search in Control Network Programming, conference paper in Rossitza Setchi et al. (editors) Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems, 14th International Conference, KES 2010, Proceedings, Part II, Springer, LNAI 6277,
      What actually happens is that the CNP programmer uses the tools for dynamic control to achieve, without procedurally specifying any algorithm, a behavior of the standard interpreter that corresponds to the desired heuristic or other more advanced search strategy.


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