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From pro- +‎ market.


promarket (comparative more promarket, superlative most promarket)

  1. In favor of the free market, of capitalism.
    • 2006, Michael Courville and Raj Patel, "The Resurgence of Agrarian Reform in the Twenty-first Century", introduction to Promised land: competing visions of agrarian reform, Food First Books, ISBN 978-0-935028-28-7, pages 18–19:
      The promarket argument fails to acknowledge not only the noncommodity nature of food production, but also the falsity of the assumption that rising GDP inevitably leads to decreased poverty for rural dwellers. Conceptualizing agriculture as a commodity-oriented system of production, the World Bank's MALR [market-assisted land reform] models and the neoliberal economic models that spawned it avoid any direct consideration of the relationship between the land and the majority of the world's poor.