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Borrowed from French prosateur


prosateur (plural prosateurs)

  1. A writer of French prose.
    • 1894, Rosine Mellé, The Contemporary French Writers, page 62:
      As a prosateur he wrote several novels such as Madame André, Sophie, Les Braves Gens, Césarine, Les Morts Bizarres, a series of short stories.
    • 2010, John Heilbron, Galileo, →ISBN, page 1:
      He rated writers like Machiavelli higher than the prosateurs of his own time.
    • 2012 -, Nathalia Brodskaya, Symbolism, →ISBN, page 7:
      For two years, the Parisian press has been much occupied by a school of poets and prosateurs known as the "Decadents".
    • 2013, Daniel E. O'Sullivan & Laurie Shepard, Shaping Courtliness in Medieval France, →ISBN:
      Szkilnik also shows how the prosateur's emphasis on treachery and the cruel punishment of the rebels reflect practices in which Philip of Burgundy engaged in order to put down rebellions of his own, particularly in Flanders.




From prose +‎ -ateur


prosateur m (plural prosateurs, feminine prosatrice)

  1. prosaist (prose writer)

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