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pseudo- +‎ discipline


pseudo-discipline (plural pseudo-disciplines)

  1. Alternative spelling of pseudodiscipline (area of study that has a limited resemblance to an academic discipline)
    • 2007, H. J. W. Mutsaers, Peasants, Farmers and Scientists: A Chronicle of Tropical Agricultural Science in the Twentieth Century, page 350
      Project Cycle Management with its methodological frills had now become another jargon-studded pseudo-discipline which could only be mastered after extensive training.
  2. A false or ineffective imposition of punishment to maintain control.
    • 1919, Herbert Ellsworth Cory, The Intellectuals and the Wage Workers: A Study in Educational Psychoanalysis, page 244:
      But all this is not worthy of the name of discipline; it is pseudo-discipline as we shall see.