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pseudo- +‎ Gothic


pseudogothic (comparative more pseudogothic, superlative most pseudogothic)

  1. (literature, architecture) sham-Gothic
    • 1980, Marek Rostworowski, The National Museum in Cracow, the Czartoryski Collection
      Obviously, the style of romantic pseudogothic architecture was not invented by Isabel - the building at Puławy was preceded by several similar creations abroad and in Poland.
    • 1997, Jan Bondeson, A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities (page 97)
      Even a regular reader of the most dreadful pseudogothic periodicals must have felt a frisson of horror.
    • 2004, Harold Bloom, English Romantic Poetry (page 295)
      The pseudogothic trappings that disfigure the first two cantos of Childe Harold are absent in Childe Harold III and IV, which we may discuss here as a unit even though the last canto was completed two years later in Italy.