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Etymology 1[edit]

Substantive of pūblicus (of or pertaining to the people, state or community).


pūblicum n (genitive pūblicī); second declension

  1. state property
  2. the treasury; state depot
  3. state revenue
  4. publicity
  5. public road
  6. the public (people in general; an audience)
  7. commonwealth, the republic

Second-declension noun (neuter).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative pūblicum pūblica
Genitive pūblicī pūblicōrum
Dative pūblicō pūblicīs
Accusative pūblicum pūblica
Ablative pūblicō pūblicīs
Vocative pūblicum pūblica
Related terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

Inflected form of pūblicus (of or pertaining to the people, state or community).



  1. nominative neuter singular of pūblicus
  2. accusative masculine singular of pūblicus
  3. accusative neuter singular of pūblicus
  4. vocative neuter singular of pūblicus


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    • (ambiguous) to be cast out unburied: proiici inhumatum (in publicum)
    • (ambiguous) to show oneself in the streets, in public: in publicum prodire (Verr. 2. 1. 31)
    • (ambiguous) to bring a law before the notice of the people: legem proponere in publicum
    • (ambiguous) the council of the nation; the senate: publicum consilium (Phil. 7.7. 19)
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