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Recorded in English from 1433, "income from property or possessions", from Middle French revenue, from Old French [Term?] (a return) (modern French revenu), the prop. feminine past participle of revenir (come back) (=modern French), from Latin revenire (to return, come back), from re- (back) +‎ venire (to come).


In Early Modern English—e.g. in the works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries—stressed on the second syllable, as in the following iambic pentameter line:

And coúld my crówn’s revénue bríng him báck (Marlowe, Edward II)


revenue (countable and uncountable, plural revenues)

  1. The income returned by an investment.
    • 2021 September 15, Laura Martin, “How talent shows became TV's most bizarre programmes”, in BBC[1]:
      In the seventh series of The X Factor in the UK, it's estimated the phone votes brought in more than £5.4 million in revenue.
  2. The total income received from a given source.
  3. All income generated for some political entity's treasury by taxation and other means.
  4. (accounting) The total sales; turnover.
  5. (accounting) The net income from normal business operations; net sales.
  6. (figurative) A return; something paid back.
    • a. 1892, Charles Spurgeon, a sermon
      What, no revenue of praise for him who is our gracious Lord and King! He doth not exact from us any servile labor, but simply saith, “Who so offereth praise glorifieth me.”


Derived terms[edit]


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revenue (third-person singular simple present revenues, present participle revenuing, simple past and past participle revenued)

  1. (intransitive) To generate revenue.
  2. (transitive) To supply with revenue.




From the verb revenir.



revenue f (plural revenues)

  1. a (physical) return; arrival
  2. (hunting) the action of game leaving the forest to graze


revenue f sg

  1. feminine singular of revenu

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