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Alternative forms[edit]


A borrowing from Middle Low German buddel, itself a borrowing from French bouteille, from Late Latin buticula, the diminutive form of buttis ‎(barrel), from Ancient Greek βοῦθις ‎(boûthis, barrel). The word is first mentioned as budele in 18th-century dictionaries; the current form (with b > p, perhaps under Livonian influence, but also perhaps a dialectal feature) became popular in the 19th century. Another form butele, found in some dialects, is apparently an independent loan, from Baltic German buttel, from which also Russian бутылка ‎(butýlka).[1]


pudele f (5th declension)

  1. bottle (container with a tapered top for storing liquids)
    stikla, papīra pudele — glass, paper bottle
    piena, alus, vīna pudele — milk, beer, wine bottle
    graduēta pudele — graduated bottle
    pudeles kaklsbottle neck
    pudeles vēdersbottle body (lit. belly)
    pudeļu stiklsbottle glass
    pudeļu lakabottle polish
    skalot pudeles — to rinse the bottles
    ieliet pudelē ūdeni — to pour water into the bottle'
    termosa pudele, termospudele — thermos bottle
    Arturs atkorķēja pudeli un nolika to uz galda — Arturs opened the bottle and put it on the table
  2. bottle (the container and its contents)
    nopirkt divas sulas pudeles — to buy two bottles of juice
  3. bottle (its contents)
    izdzert limonādes pudeli — to drink a bottle of lemonade


Derived terms[edit]


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