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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from Middle Low German buddel, itself borrowed from French bouteille, from Late Latin buticula, the diminutive form of buttis (barrel), from Ancient Greek βοῦθις (boûthis, barrel). The word is first mentioned as budele in 18th-century dictionaries; the current form (with b > p, perhaps under Livonian influence, but also perhaps a dialectal feature) became popular in the 19th century. Another form butele, found in some dialects, is apparently an independent loan, from Baltic German buttel, from which also Russian бутылка (butýlka).[1]


pudele f (5th declension)

  1. bottle (container with a tapered top for storing liquids)
    stikla, papīra pudeleglass, paper bottle
    piena, alus, vīna pudelemilk, beer, wine bottle
    graduēta pudelegraduated bottle
    pudeles kaklsbottle neck
    pudeles vēdersbottle body (lit. belly)
    pudeļu stiklsbottle glass
    pudeļu lakabottle polish
    skalot pudelesto rinse the bottles
    ieliet pudelē ūdenito pour water into the bottle
    termosa pudele, termospudelethermos bottle
    Arturs atkorķēja pudeli un nolika to uz galdaArturs opened the bottle and put it on the table
  2. bottle (the container and its contents)
    nopirkt divas sulas pudelesto buy two bottles of juice
  3. bottle (its contents)
    izdzert limonādes pudelito drink a bottle of lemonade


Derived terms[edit]


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