pump trolley

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pump trolley

Alternative forms[edit]


pump trolley (plural pump trolleys)

  1. A light railroad car propelled by a hand-operated pumping mechanism; a handcar.
    • 1901, Gipps, George, The Fighting in North China (up to the Fall of Tientsin City), Shanghai: Kelly and Walsh, OL 23299616M, page 40:
      The train, minus the three abandoned trucks, again proceeded at a slow pace, with a pump trolley doing pilot ahead ; this was very necessary as a great many sleepers were found to have been burnt underneath the fishplates.
    • 1910 March 4, “Supply Trade Section: Fairbanks-Morse Inspection Car”, in Railway Age Gazette, volume 48, number 9, page 509:
      A gang was sent out on a pump trolley and the inspection car followed.
    • 1976, Calder, J. William, All Aboard, Formac Publishing Company, →ISBN, OL 5253265M, page 118:
      Immediately after the train had pulled away from St. Peters, Alfred Morrison, section foreman along with his helper, Frank Lindloft, took off with the pump trolley.