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quack +‎ -er.


quacker (plural quackers)

  1. One who quacks.
    • 1901–1947: Benjamin Albert Botkin, A Treasury of New England Folklore: Stories, Ballads, and Traditions of the Yankee People
      The decoy was what the townsman who had lent it to him called a "first-class quacker." The decoy quacked and swam about []
  2. (slang) A playing card with the rank of two; a duck.



  1. (rare, humorous) comparative form of quack: more quack.
    • 1916 August 5, Henry D. Estabrook, “Truth in Advertising [advertisement]”, in The Duluth Herald, volume XXXIV, number 102, Duluth, Minn.: The Herald Company, OCLC 1567044, page 6:
      [Y]ou have undertaken to rid all our newspapers and periodicals of untrue, unclean and dishonest advertisements. It seems to me that you have already gained your victory and henceforth have only to guard the fruits of it, for, recently I examined as many newspapers and magazines as I could lay hands on just to see if I could find in them those old, alluring advertisements, ranging from the quack doctor to the quacker promoter and the quackest oracle of fate. There was nothing doing—everything as clean as a hound's tooth and as wholesome as sunshine.