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playing +‎ card


Playing cards

playing card (plural playing cards)

  1. Any of the usually 52 rectangular pieces of card used to play numerous games, featuring either one to 10 pips or a picture and belonging of one of four suits.

Coordinate terms[edit]

Suits in English · suits (see also: cards, playing cards) (layout · text)
Suit Hearts (open clipart).svg SuitDiamonds.svg SuitSpades.svg SuitClubs.svg
hearts diamonds spades clubs

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Playing cards in English · playing cards (layout · text)
Ace of spades.svg 2 of spades.svg 3 of spades.svg 4 of spades.svg 5 of spades.svg 6 of spades.svg 7 of spades.svg
ace deuce, two three four five six seven
8 of spades.svg 9 of spades.svg 10 of spades.svg Jack of spades2.svg Queen of spades2.svg King of spades2.svg Joker black 02.svg
eight nine ten jack, knave queen king joker, jolly joker

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