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quad- +‎ furcation


quadfurcation (usually uncountable, plural quadfurcations)

  1. A forking or division into four branches.


  • 1988, Raymond J. Lasek and Mark M. Black (editors), Intrinsic Determinants of Neuronal Form and Function, Liss, ISBN 084512739X, illustrated, page 86:
    The path length in comparison to the vector length defines a length-tortuosity parameter. Trifurcations and quadfurcations can be expressed as segments without length.
  • 1999, Neil M. Denari, Gyroscopic Horizons, Princeton Architectural Press, ISBN 187827113X, illustrated, page 12:
    Is it possible that architecture can mutate into equal parts GPS, abstract machine, event horizon, and vague placeform, a kind of quadfurcation of the purpose of building?
  • 2008, Jos van der Sloten et al. (editors), 4th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering, Springer, ISBN 3540892079, volume 2, page 769:
    As a consequence, points are classified as loose, end- or midpoints, or as bi-, tri- or quadfurcations, depending on the number of direct neighbor points.

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