quartermaster train

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quartermaster train (plural quartermaster trains)

  1. (military) The vehicles and personnel dedicated to moving supplies which are under the command of the quartermaster.
    • 1943, Military Review - Volume 23, Issue 4, page 48:
      On the other hand, almost the entire quartermaster company is properly included as the division quartermaster train. It furnishes the nucleus of the transportation pool for the division, and its cargo vehicles are used for transportation of supplies for the division as a whole, and of course for evacuation of personnel and supplies that can be carried to the rear in trucks which would otherwise return empty.
    • 1999, John B. Wilson, Maneuver and Fire Power: The Evolution of Divisions and Separate Brigades, →ISBN:
      In 1931, to provide quartermaster personnel for posts and stations in the United States, the quartermaster train in each active division except the 2d was reduced to two motor companies and a motor repair section.
    • 2005, Minn Board of Commissioners, Minnesota in the Civil And Indian Wars 1861-1865, →ISBN, page 675:
      After crossing the river the Idaho emigrants left for the west and the command marched down the left bank to the Missouri Eiver, there ferrying the quartermaster train and battery and fording with horses and mules.