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From Middle French reduire, from Old French reduire, an alteration or Gallicization of Latin redūcere, present active infinitive of redūcō (reduce), after conduire.


  • IPA(key): /ʁe.dɥiʁ/
  • (file)



  1. to reduce
  2. to cut (prices); to shorten (text); to reduce, scale down (pictures etc.)
  3. (transitive with à) to reduce (someone) to
    Je les ai réduits en esclavage. I reduced them to slavery.
  4. (transitive with en) to reduce (something) to
    La maison fut réduite en cendres. The house was reduced to ashes.
  5. (medicine) to reduce, set
  6. (chemistry, cooking) to reduce
  7. (military) to capture (place), quell (opposition etc.)
  8. (takes a reflexive pronoun, transitive with à) to amount to, to come down to
    Les copules, qui se réduisent au rôle de lien syntaxique entre sujet et attribut en estompant leur sémantique propre, sont souvent des verbes d'état.
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