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random +‎ -er


randomer (plural randomers)

  1. (informal) A stranger; anybody; any old person.
    • 2009, "eamo", Longrow in Jim Murray's whisky bible 2007 (on newsgroup uk.rec.motorcycles)
      Is that an open invitation to all and sundry randomers?
    • 2009, Michael Marshall, Bad Things, →ISBN, page 45:
      I typed it into a web search engine and found the usual randomers on their own or other people's personal sites, a few others on the staff lists or minutes of libraries and girl scout troups, and a handful referenced on genealogical sites.
    • 2011, "Korin", Ping (on newsgroup alt.gothic)
      For what it's worth, the majority of attendees aren't goths. But everyone still dances to whatever we play. There's something heartwarming about Art School students and randomers coming in off the street, bouncing about to The Horatii and TSOM b-sides []